Celebrate Your Birthday in Style at Harmony Club!

Book Your Birthday Celebration at Harmony Club & Receive a FREE Birthday Cake.

Booking a Birthday Party at Harmony Club

Celebrating a birthday? Come and join us at Harmony Club and we’ll make the day special! You and your guests will enjoy great food, great music and a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

We offer a free birthday cake and a free VIP ticket for the celebrant (subject to number of tickets purchased, details below).

Birthday celebration tickets can be paid for by credit card, interac or cash at the door.

Note: We can accommodate birthday bookings of up to 8 tables on our normal Friday party nights. If you need greater capacity or wish to host a private celebration, please visit the ‘Our Venue’ page for more information and to submit a private event request.

Conditions of birthday booking to get the free benefits and upgrades:

  • Minimum 8 Guest tickets must be purchased to qualify for free birthday cake. (You are committing to purchase min. 8 tickets, whether your guests show up or not).
  • Free VIP gift ticket for celebrant is subject to you booking 3 tables minimum (24 guests) and is valid for any future event at Harmony Club.

Simply complete the form below and we’ll get back to you ASAP. 

Fill out the birthday booking reservation form below, and we’ll get back to you with confirmation of your request. 

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